What are we trying to do?

100% of your donation will help educate a child

What are we trying to do?

The Village School Project partners with schools and the surrounding community to establish sustainable educational infrastructure and support. We target our work at a number of key areas including improvements in school infrastructure, access to material resources, and capacity building and training. We engage and work in partnership with indigenous organisations, which enables us to deliver projects that are relevant, representative, culturally appropriate and sustainable for village school communities.

We take a whole of life approach providing support in the four key areas of project management, fundraising, partnerships and advocacy. Our current focus is on the community of Waanki Gopo in East Africa, where we are currently working on four projects, including a building, road/bridge, water and sanitation project as well as a scholarship program.

What are the vision, mission and values of The Village School Project?

The vision of The Villages School Project is that one village school at a time we see a world where every child and every community are empowered by access to quality education so that all people may reach their full potential.

Our mission is to support and empower village schools by partnering with indigenous organisations through project management and fundraising to provide educational opportunities and help end the cycle of extreme poverty for individuals, families, and communities.

Our values encompass Respect, Knowledge, Equality, Creativity, Integrity, Social Justice and Collaboration.