Why can we be trusted?

100% of your donation will help educate a child

Why can we be trusted?

What happens to my donations to TVSP? What percentage of my donations go to the projects / children?

As The Village School Project is a small volunteer run organisation, we have minimal operating costs. We do not pay any salaries or rent. Other than the small costs necessary to run fundraising initiatives and for fulfilling regulatory compliance purposes, all donations go towards our projects. So far, we have contributed $36,250 to support projects and programs in the Waanki Golpo village in the Oromia Region.

How does The Village School Project monitor and evaluation its projects?

The Village School Project engages in a systematic process of information gathering in order to monitor and evaluate its various projects with two main purposes to learn from experiences to improve practices and activities and make informed decision about the future. Secondly, to have internal and external accountability of the resources used and the results obtained. TVSP monitors the success of our projects through qualitative and quantitative measures against the objectives listed in our signed Project Agreements. Every quarter our in-country partner provides TVSP with a Progress Report. This can include photographs, video footage, interviews from beneficiaries and quantitative data that measures impact. TVSP established a Project Committee who are elected representatives of the village school community. The Project Committee is independent of our in country partner who TVSP have monthly contact with in order to further monitor and evaluate its projects.

How do I know that TVSP is a legit, trustworthy charity?

TVSP is a registered charity under the Australian Charities and not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), a regulatory body set up by the Australian government. TVSP submits annual statements to the ACNC as required. You can search for our organisation on the ACNC website.

TVSP is committed to transparency. We send regular updates on what is happening in our projects to our supporters so that they are able to track the impact of their donations. We also ensure that our in-country partner’s financial statements are audited externally.

Does The Village School Project have any political or religious affiliations?

Although many of our volunteers are motivated by their Christian values and faith, we recognise that many in the world do not share our beliefs. We are an independent non-profit organisation and carry out our work free from political or religious agendas. We have no membership or affiliation to any political party or religion organisation.